Trans Artists, The Netherlands

1st Seminar On AiR

Host: Trans Artists, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Date: May 20th-22, 2010

Day 1


Maria Tuerlings co-ordinator of the On-AiR project, welcomes the partners of the project. She thanks all for their support in the development of On-AiR.
She thanks the European Commission for their support and recognition for the urgent need that all partners feel to develop and realize the project.
She also thanks the organizations in the Netherlands supporting this kick-off seminar, the Mondriaan Foundation, SICA, ECF, TIN  and Municipality Amsterdam Koers Nieuw West.
The partners introduce themselves and briefly tell about their organizations and motivation to join the project.

Introduction On-AiR

The complete On-AiR application, project plan, timetable, budget and partner list is included in the seminar conference papers, both digital (on cd) and on paper.
The introduction starts with the history, the Prologue meeting in 2008, hosted by Artez and Enschede, when the idea was established to develop a diverse and broad international workshop program for artists in close collaboration with partners in different European regions. The plan for On-AiR was born. (Detailed report here).
Followed by a more detailed discussion on On-AiR project plan, objectives, working plan, schedule.
Special attention was paid to the Budget explanatory for which the CCP the Netherlands was invited. For each partner Trans Artists developed a basic reporting form and budget explanatory, based on the rules and guidelines of the Commission.
The CCP announced the tv documentary that Avro will produce on artists in residences, linking to the ON-AiR project by including 3 On-AiR partners.
The program aims to contribute to raising understanding on how the EU supports cultural workers/organizations and the importance to maintain and continue this in the future.

Day 2

The morning session was held at Villa Beehives in collaboration with Koers Nieuw West.

Workshops content

The content of the On-AiR workshops are discussed in detail. All workshops are tailor-made to fit the needs for each country and organization. To introduce different options for formats of the workshops, Trans Artists presents its’ current workshop formats.
The partners discussed the ideas for their workshops in detail and are further developed over the coming months. In each seminar the workshops prior to the seminar are evaluated.
Some partners suggest to combine the workshops with an extra network meeting, addressing  policy developments related to artists’ mobility and the important role mobility/residency programs play in the professional development of artists.
The partners underline the importance of working with local partners on the workshops.

The Seminars

The content and planning of On-AiR seminars are discussed in detail. Dates: Romania (November 2010), Hungary (March 2011), Sweden  (October 2011) Turkey (Februari 2012).

Networking opportunities

After the sessions Trans Artists and Koers Nieuw West organized network meeting in Garage Notweg linking  On-AiR partners to the Dutch Cultural Field. Over 60 people attended the network meeting in Garage Notweg and connections were easily and effectively made by introducing the On-AiR partners to the participants of the meeting.
In the evening the On Air partners were invited to attend an opening at M4 guest studio.

Day 3

Day 3 of the seminar agreements were determined on publicity objectives.

The workshop booklet

The On-AiR workshop booklet will be a developing document that is available online.
The general idea is that some of the texts are based on the Trans Artists workshop manual. Additional  information, specific for each country, is added by the partners.
The graphic designer of On-AiR, Karen Willey, is working on a flexible layout. The content is open and can be adjusted to the partners wishes.


The website will be a very important On-AiR tool. A section in the Trans Artists website is developed for On-AiR. All partners are able to access this website to upload and download information.
The website is an important tool to communicate the development and continuation of On-AiR to the public. The website will function as a tool for artists, an archive of information on the project. The information will be available in different European languages and updated by the partners. The public area of the website will have an agenda, pictures, video fragments, reports (the outcome), announcements on all the workshops and seminars and the online version of the workshop booklet The basic website work is done by Trans Artists.

Closing of the seminar

The first On-AiR seminar was closed with a warmhearted thank you to all  the On-AiR partners for their contributions in these three seminar days. Maria Tuerlings also thanks Yasmine Ostendorf and the other Trans Artists staff members for their support and last but not least all that contributed financially or otherwise to make the seminar a success.