Each half year a seminar is organized for all partner organizations, to discuss and improve the workshop program, and to present and distribute its results.

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State of Affairs (2012)

In the first year of the project the partners experienced that the project indeed matched up with the needs of the artists to gain more knowledge on mobility opportunities and to train their skills to access and make use of them. As the reports show, participants, time and again, have confirmed that the workshop format addresses their basic needs to develop knowledge and training skills, and allows them to share experiences with artist colleagues. They also have stressed to be content with the effort of the ON-AiR workshop programme to adjust, in a flexible way, to the specificity of their needs, regarding differences in, for example, backgrounds, regions, careers, and disciplines. The effort of the ON-AiR workshop programme to match with this large diversity in a fruitful way has been appreciated by all participants.

At the same time, the participants underline the need to further extend and refine the workshops, and to expand them to more disciplines, as well as to address new audiences. All partners of ON-AiR consider the project to be successful. The outcomes inspire them to continue working on the challenges and ideas that came out of the first round of workshops. Concerning the second aim of the ON-AiR project, the partners fully experienced the value of collaboration, which fostered their wish to further continue in building strong, lasting partnerships. The partners experienced the collaboration in this very diverse group to be fruitful and stimulating in building understanding amongst each other’s cultural backgrounds and infrastructures. Diversity in partner organizations included partners representing large and institutionalized, to small artist initiated organizations, art educational institutes, organizations experienced in working in international networks and projects, to those that are just starting. Additionally, it became clear that when going more into detail, and into greater depth, working in smaller entities on specifically targeted issues must be considered. Therefore the need and wish was expressed by several partners to continue the work more in depth, addressing several topics that came out of the workshops and seminars. The project stimulated the partners to explore ways to follow up on the ON-AiR workshop, to build and distribute the knowledge among their audiences themselves and to adjust it to the specific needs and circumstances in their regions.

So far, each partner in the ON-AiR project has contributed to a sustainable knowledge network, sharing information and intelligence, serving the specific needs of the artists in our regions across Europe (read more in the toolkit section and on each workshop page)


Download the full state of affairs of ON-AiR, including outcomes & lessons learned, as well as ideas for follow-up projects. This state of affairs was published in the ON-AIR book – Reflecting on the Mobility of Artists in Europe.