Association for the circuit of young Italian artists, Italy


The Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists (GAI) is an organism that, to date, includes 39 public administrations (Municipalities, Provinces, Regions) with the aim of supporting the young creativity with initiatives of formation, promotion and research. The circuit GAI, which was born in 1989, has given itself a new juridical form which allows it to co-ordinate efficaciously national projects and pick up new resources through the collaboration between public and private corporations.


The aim of the Association is to gather information, to offer various services, to organise formative and promotional opportunities for young people who work in the field of creativity, arts and show. This process is developed through permanent or temporary initiatives which support the circulation of information and events, both at national and international levels, encouraging the relationship between the  artistic production of young people and the market.


In 2001 the circuit created a web site which is a place where young artists can debate and exchange information and opinions. The portal has a journalistic structure and it offers a section reserved for the contest announcements and for the formative and promotional opportunities, another dedicated to the news and the reviews, an open gallery with several works and a database reserved for Italian Young Artists.
At present the Association owns a national data bank containing more than 40.000 cards of creative young people in the various artistic areas.
Besides, the Association begins an editorial activity with the issue of its catalogues distributed across Italy.
As regards the initiatives realised by the single corporations, they often turn to the associative net for the selection of the artists coming from the various areas of Italy.


In the framework of ON-AiR, GAI organized a panel discussion and a workshop in November 2011.

The Italian ON-AiR contactpersons are Luigi Ratclif, Patrizia Rossello and Paola Picca Garin:


Additional information

The Association, in partnership with important italian and foreign entities, carries out national and international mobility projects like, Movin’UP and Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes (national coordination of the program for european residences).

Furthermore GAI is partner of international networks and platforms for art and culture such as BJCEM – Association Internationale pour la Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe et de la Méditerranée and Culture Action Europe.

With reference to artistic mobility and exchanges, the GAI manages moreover temporary program and periodical initiatives through a system of network activity promoted on the entire national territory by some leader cities. - the italian network of residences for artists and curators

AIR collects information on Italian residences, indicates “how to apply” conditions for participation, contacts the coordinators and facilitates the identification of particular features of each program.

AIR is useful to young foreigner artists and curators who want to know about or participate in an Italian residency program and at the same time helps Italians that wishes to gain experience in a residence abroad.

AIR also organizes RESIDENZAITALIA, an Italian program that for the triennium 2010-2012 provides permanent residences for artists and curators in several places in the Italian area.

Find out more about in the documentation.


Movin’UP – support program for the world mobility of young Italian artists

Movin’Up is a competition for young creative artists between 18 and 35 years old who work with professional goals and that have been officially admitted or invited abroad by cultural institutions, festivals, public and private organizations to competitions, residencies, seminars, workshops, stage or similar initiatives. Also, it is addressed to those who are planning to perform artistic productions at foreign centers or institutions.

The artistic domains are: visual arts, architecture, design, music, cinema, video, theater, dance, performance and writing.

Find out more about Movin’Up in the documentation.



Information about (.pdf) – includes information about the ResidenzaItalia Program.

Information about Movin’UP (.pdf) – includes details about the project and deadlines for 2011.